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Be a part of a great local community of coffee nerds. With our undying love for specialty coffee, we share our knowledge, skills and experience while roasting fresh coffee beans. We welcome everyone who shares our passion for coffee and an open mind.

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The Visit membership


The benefits you receive as a co-roasting member:

  • 50% discount on hourly roasting rates
  • 50% discount on storage rates (green and/or roasted)
  • Roasting knowledge
  • Share roasting profiles
  • Marketing (online) knowledge
  • Technical support for equipment
  • Free workspace matching the hours spent on roaster
  • Access to sealing machine
  • Access to vacuum cleaner (in order to clean up after your roast)
  • Member benefits of discounts from third party suppliers
  • Access to brew/ espresso machines for coffee tests
  • Access to coffee cupping tools and supplies
  • Cheaper than buying off-the-shelf specialty coffee beans
  • You get to create your own coffee identity
  • Have fun!



  • Annual Subscription: € 2.400 per year, to be paid 1st of the month (only € 100 per month)
  • Monthly Subscription: € 240 per month to be paid 1st of the month

At The Visit Coffee Roastery we understand that switching to self-roasts of coffee can be a big decision.
So, we invite you to book a free trial of a single roast cycle to experience what it’s like to roast your own beans. We also include a tour of our Roastery Headquarters, provide you with assistance with the roasting process and see if our services match your needs. The roasted coffee beans are, of course, yours to keep!
All you have to do is shoot us an e-mail at to book your free trial.
Send us your name, name of your business, phone number and a weekly volume estimate.
We then get back to you, at the earliest, to set up a date and time for your session!

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