The Visit at Berlin Coffee Festival

On Sunday, October 6th, The Visit Coffee Roastery will join this year’s Berlin Coffee Festival at the Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg. The Visit will bring over to the event the latest edition to its coffee services, Rollover Coffee, a full-service, mobile specialty coffee bar. Our very own coffee cart on wheels!

The Visit will present some of their finest single origin fresh crop coffees, including roasts all the way from Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Kenya.

This year’s Coffee Festival will allow guests to discover the expansive and eclectic coffee scene in Berlin, in five days, which kicks off on October 1st, known around the world as International Coffee Day. The festival will then continue with countless workshops, lectures, and tastings, as well as roasting sessions offered by some of the city’s best and well-renowned roasters.

“Taste yourself through the city and get to know the people who want to change the future of coffee.” And that includes us.

The Visit Coffee Roastery will be stationed at the entrance of the event site at MarktHalle 9, to welcome visitors and coffee connoisseurs with our brews.

Our Schöneberg location will also be taking part with a smaller satellite event at their Goltzstraße cafe on Friday, October 4th as part of the festival, entitled “Green Bean Sourcing and Buying, Sample Roasting and Cupping,” which will be open to the public — to those who do in fact have prior coffee knowledge, but also to guests who are interested in the topic overall. Guests will have the opportunity to get a taste of our coffee world and profession in a relaxed atmosphere, which will include a beer or two as well.

The full festival program and tickets for individual workshops can be found at the Berlin Coffee Festival website. (please note: many of the events will be conducted in English).

We’ll see you there! Visit The Visit!