Introduction to Roasting


The Visit’s Introduction to Roasting classes are open to anyone with a desire to learn more about speciality coffee and the practices that come with it. Participants of all types are welcome to attend, regardless of coffee knowledge or expertise.

The first part of the class day begins with a cupping, where participants have the opportunity to taste all of the coffees that are on The Visit’s menu. Things to be discussed as the day progresses are as follows: flavors, preferred tastes in specialty coffee, roasting theory, as well as other tidbits and insights that are “need to know” for any coffee lover. At the end of the session, participants will take home a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee from the day’s session that was worked on from earlier.


4 hours


The Visit Kreuzberg

Roasting Equipment

Loring Falcon F15, 15kg

Minimum Participants


Maximum Participants


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