Coffee Roasting Masterclass


A 2 day workshop with the aim to gain knowledge about coffee roasting profile modulation. Prior knowledge of coffee roasting is a plus but not a necessity.


Start 10:00 till 14:00 (depending on the amount of participants)


Day 1 we start with a cupping.

In this cupping we will taste all the coffees that are on the menu at the Visit. We will talk about flavor and preferred taste in specialty coffee.


On this day we will go over roasting theory that we will put into practice straight away. We will be working with 1 origin of coffee throughout the workshop. We will do 3 different roast profiles. Different coffee origins can be discussed.


Day 2 we will cup the profiles we have roasted the day before and discuss them. We will look at the profiles together with the result from our cupping and will talk about roast profile modulation.


Day 2 day you get to roast coffee under our supervision.

You will take home a 250g bag of roasted coffee from the day & samples of the previous roast profiles for re-cupping.

Cupping the result should take place at a later stage. Not the same day. This can be done at the roastery or in private and discussed over email.


Roasting Equipment: Loring Falcon F15. 15kg

Payment for the workshop is upfront via wire or cash on the day.

300,- ex tax. Per person. All material cost included.


Minimum participants 1 Maximum participants 5


For more info mail:


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