Coffee Roasting Masterclass Workshop


Interested to enter the world of coffee roasting connoisseur? Look no further than with our 2-day roasting workshop at The Visit’s very own coffee roaster in the heart of Kreuzberg. Our roasting workshop will be for participants who want to learn about coffee roasting modulation. Preknowledge is a plus but not necessary.

We will be working with one origin of coffee throughout the workshop and will do three different roast profiles. Different coffee origins will also be discussed. What to expect by the end of day 1? Extensive knowledge of coffee flavors, flavor origins, and roasting theory. Day 2 will be focused on cupping the profiles that have been roasted the day before. Opportunities for discussion are also welcome. We will then look at the profiles together with the result from our cupping and talk about roast profile modulation. The rest of day 2 will allow participants to roast coffee under The Visit’s supervision. At the end of the two-day session, each person will be able to table home a 250g bag of roasted coffee from the day as well as samples of the previous roast profiles for re-cupping.


4 hours


The Visit Kreuzberg

Roasting Equipment

Loring Falcon F15. 15kg

Minimum Participants


Maximum Participants


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