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What's behind the visit

Meeting a friend never goes without exchanging stories about life over a warm cup of coffee. The Visit has that cup ready for you and friends from all over the world whenever and wherever you like – and when life sucks, your coffee never should.
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From Berlin Kreuzberg

Out into the world

This vision was the starting point in 2016 when we opened our shop and headquarters in Kreuzberg and that hasn’t changed since. As of today, we have opened four locations all around Berlin and call people from all over the world our customers. But we haven’t stopped dreaming about what is yet to come.

Coffee experience

One simple rule

We want to provide an exceptional coffee experience for everyone. And this is how it goes: we carefully select our green beans from direct trade relationships and importers and make sure they are of the best quality. We roast those beans on a Loring roast machine and use the latest technology to bring out the most desirable flavors from the beans into your cups. Perfected roasting and brewing methods shaped by experience does the rest. Our staff feel a passion toward the art of coffee and will
share that with every customer that walks through our doors. We see it as an opportunity: to give people who come into our coffee shops the experience of having many unique flavors with every single coffee they order.