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Meet Seulgi Lee!

She is our happy Head Barista and has recently started working with Jasper, our head roaster, for the roasting production.

When did you start your journey with coffee?
I was working at the Jordan Consulate in Korea, for language translations, after completing my foundation course in tourism. Fate landed me in Istanbul, Turkey. I decided to pursue further studies and in order to crack the entrance exams, I learnt Turkish.
I used to work from cafés and met Memo, my fellow barista, at Kronotrop – a beautiful specialty coffee shop in Istanbul. I eventually developed the love for specialty coffee and decided to learn more about coffee beans. My journey as a barista began at Coffee Department, a micro-roastery in Istanbul.

How did you end up here in Berlin?
I went to Budapest, in summer of 2017, to attend their wonderful coffee festival. I was ecstatic to see how active the specialty coffee scene is, in Berlin. I had visited the city twice and loved it. So, I made a move to Berlin in October that very year.
Memo was working at the Visit and I met Jasper, our head roaster, at the Istanbul coffee festival where he offered me a job at The Visit. Since then , there has been no looking back.

Other than The Visit, what roasteries do you recommend?
I love La Cabra Coffee Roasters in Denmark and Friedhats Coffee in Amsterdam.
In Berlin, Bonanza Coffee has some amazing coffee roasts.

What is your favorite thing about the Visit Cafe?
I love working as a Barista here as the customers are friendly and easy going. This neighborhood is great and my fellow colleagues are super nice, with a great sense of humor!

What is your best choice from our coffee collection?
At the moment, I am in love with The Visit’s Ethiopian Worka Chelichele. It has a typical Ethiopian flavor with hints of sweet and floral.
Also, the Kenya KII AB has a complex but vibrant taste.

Would you say anything to our readers?
Yes! I am always open for a chat about coffee and learning new things, so please feel free to drop by and say hi. You can also follow me on Instagram to connect 🙂

More coffee. More love, coming up!
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