Say Hello to Co-Roasting!

Are you passionate about specialty coffee?
Do you ever want to roast your own coffee beans?

We, at The Visit, now offer our Co-Roasting services for you to take advantage of. We now welcome our lovely coffee community to roast and store your own coffee beans at The Visit Headquarters, Kreuzberg.

Our transparent roasting process always greeted you, through the beautiful glass doors as you enter our Kreuzberg café. We now offer affordable prices for roasting your own batch of delicious coffee beans, using our selection of coffee roasters. Services available starting 1 hour, and subsequent discounted rates follow for the next hours.

On top of that, we also offer a free trial of a single roast cycle, for you to be a part of our amazing journey to make specialty coffee more accessible to the world.

Can we sweeten this offer any further?
Yes we can!
The Visit Members receive additional discounts on co-roasting services.

Check our our prices here:
And please visit us at The Visit!